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GoodBooks Xero Bookkeeping Package

What exactly does this include and how do I get started?

Our goal: good stewardship for all churches

We are committed to helping small churches keep good books.  Simple, efficient, safe, and affordable are the four pillars we have built our foundation on to serve as many churches as we can through bookkeeping software and support. Every church matters and it is our goal to equip you with what you need to take care of the resources that God has gifted your church.


22 or 102 - YOU can keep your churches books!

Many of the people who come to us feel ill-equipped to handle their churches financial record keeping (a process often called "bookkeeping"). Thankfully, our training videos combined with the user-friendly Xero software makes cash-based church bookkeeping more accessible than ever!

Our onboarding specialists will set up all the details to get your going and will provide a 1-hour training session to introduce you to your new bookkeeping software.

Our online portal also provides 24/7 access to training videos and articles to help you succeed. Feeling lost? Submit a ticket through the online portal and we respond back with further instruction so you can get back on track.

What our package includes

Your monthly subscription to the GoodBooks Xero package will give you access to our cloud-based bookkeeping software and the following features:

  • Bank and credit card syncing directly to the bookkeeping software
  • 1-hour setup and church specific training session with your GoodBooks onboarding specialist
  • ISO 27001 Security Standard Compliant
  • Reconcile bank accounts in minutes
  • Instant reports when you need them
  • iPhone and Android access
  • Multiple users for increased efficiency and transparency
  • 24/7 access to online training videos and articles to help you succeed
  • Online ticketing system to submit questions or concerns to the GoodBooks team
  • All this and more for $39.95/month! 

Step one: sign up

If your church is ready to get started with GoodBooks the first step is to set up your monthly subscription by clicking here

This is a month-to-month agreement and if at any time you have a concern or would like to cancel you can contact us.

Step two: church info

Once you sign up you will be redirected to a form which will allow you to provide us with the information we need to set up your software. Preview that form by clicking here.

Please fill out the information completely for the best experience.

Step three: training

Once your church info is provided, our team will set up your bookkeeping software and schedule a live training session with you.

You will also gain access to our Knowledge Center Database where all our training videos can be found.


What other GoodBooks users are saying...

"Goodbooks has given me the confidence to serve as our small church bookkeeper... This software is what our small church needed; not super big and intimidating but plenty big enough for our needs. With easy to read reports and user friendly bookkeeping tabs, I am feeling more capable each day. If you are looking for a bookkeeping software package that is very affordable and easy to understand, then look no further than Goodbooks."

-Ben Kern, Newsom Memorial United Methodist Church

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